ELK DEFENDER – High-tech handwear with the highest degree of wearing comfort

The ELK DEFENDER gloves represent the newest product innovation from the Penkert group. They are ideally suited for extreme fire runs.

When it comes to fire-fighting, the ELK DEFENDER combines the sense of touch of a leather glove, which is so important for technical rescue operations, with the impressive properties of a textile fire-fighter glove. This equates to minimum shrinkage without any hardening of the materials used.

Thanks to the special suppleness of the processed elk-leather and a unique profile, the fire-fighter glove, which corresponds to EN 659:2008-06, facilitates effortless work and guarantees optimal tactility.

The glove’s grip is made from special tanned elk-leather. Its anatomically pre-shaped fit guarantees the highest degree of wearing comfort.

Find out all about the fire-fighter glove made from elk-leather here: ELK DEFENDER press briefing