ELK DEFENDER the glove for firemen in practical testing.

Fireflash is the training center for firemen in europe. During the Interschutz 2010 they were testing our new glove for firemen. Read here more about the field report.

"During Interschutz FireFlash tested the "ELK DEFENDER ST" fire-fighters glove in the mobile flashover/backdraft trainingunit under heavy (heat) conditions. 
It proved that the gloves provided good safety protection and showed no/or minimal deformation (after repetitive use).

The conditions in the training unit are comparable to very severe firefighting conditions. 
Therefore the test proved that for firefighting purposes this is an excellent part of the personal protective equipment.

Furthermore between tests we made the gloves completely wet and dried the gloves very fast.

Usually this results in less comfort and protection, but not with the "ELK DEFENDER ST"
Chuck van Hesteren - Training Manager