The WDR television station visits Penkert.

As part of the WDR consumer magazine ‘Servicezeit: Gesundheit’ heath conscious consumers learn practical tips for healthy everyday living. In one edition, the ‘Servicezeit: Gesundheit’ programme was devoted to the topic of ‘Chromate allergy in leather’.
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Many people suffer from one of the most common allergies overall through the use of chromate in leather gloves (or leather shoes)

Penkert‘s TÜV-tested leather gloves are special leather gloves that protect their wearers and especially those with a chromate allergy. 

"It is only possible to the allergy at bay if leather is ruled out completely, or if the leather used is tanned leather, without chromate compounds, for example, using extracts from the bark of a tree. But this is more complicated and expensive than tanning with chromium. Penkert in Mülheim an der Ruhr, for example, processes 50,000 pairs of gloves each year using vegetable-based tanned leather. Most of them are paid for by health insurance companies so that people suffering from a chromate allergy who have to work with leather gloves can continue to work. The gloves cost 6 to 10 euro a pair, only a little more than cheap gloves made from leather tanned with chromium salts - yet do not make allergy sufferers out of their wearers."

A link to the WDR programme:   "Servicezeit: Gesundheit"

More information about August Penkert GmbH’s TÜV-lested leather gloves can be found on our website under  Protective gloves.