Who is the toughest fire-fighter in the world?

TFA - TOUGHEST FIREFIGHTER ALIVE: Who is the toughest fire-fighter in the world?

On 8/9 June 2012, in an event that was the 14th event of its kind, and which represented a combination that was equal parts performance contest, sporting event and show-programme, the “toughest fire brigade contest” in the world crowned Germany’s “toughest fire-fighter”.

This year saw a challenging show-jumping event that called for energy, coordination and stamina. More than 100 participants from 13 different nations faced up to the arduous challenges.

Being the leading manufacturer of fire-fighter gloves and gloves designed to be used during technical rescue operations, we are proud to support the event, and give thanks for the brisk popularity of the event and the enthusiastic participation that it attracted.

Find out all about the event and the winners at the following website:  www.tfa-info.de