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Partners & Associations

Long-term partner in the professional association.

August Penkert GmbH is a founder member of the Federal Hand Protection Association (Bundesverbands Handschutz e.V.). Partnership with institutional organisations and authorities involved in occupational health and safety and environmental protection is important for us.Here you will find a few of the partners with whom August Penkert GmbH works and associations which we belong to.

Federal Hand Protection Association (Bundesverband Handschutz e.V.)

The association provides information worth knowing about the topic of hand and skin protection, and in doing so, would like to help you keep your health. Further information can be found at:

SAVING LIVES (RETTEN) – Professionals at work (DVD)

The well known ‘RETTEN’ DVD series for educating and training fire staff has been associated with us for a long while. Apart from equipping the trainees with special fire-protective gloves, we support the training centre on site with a range of information concerning the subject of hand protection.