In silent mourning we take leave

In silent mourning we take leave of the founder of our firm, August Penkert.

He managed the business of the firm successfully since 1967. Mr August Penkert put the business on the right track for success before entrusting it to his son in 2002. His character was crucial in shaping the firm.

He always listened to what his employees had to say and his approachable manner enabled him to empathise with the personal lives of all his employees. His employees felt that they were in good hands with him and that they could always rely upon his assistance. This really made him special.

After he had handed over the management of the business to his son, he made a point of coming into to "his firm" almost every day, as he was interested in finding out about its day-to-day business right up to his death on 24.10.2014. We are losing a larger-than-life character in Mr August Penkert. This makes us very sad. We shall always hold him in loving memory.

August Penkert GmbH
The managing director Bernhard Penkert and staff.