Refrigerated truck for Schwarzmüller

A boot prototype that seals up the crossing between the trailer and the trunk of the motor coach was developed.

If a trunk-truck backs into a loading ramp along with a trailer, it can be loaded and unloaded without the driver having to uncouple the trailer. In case of refrigerated vehicles, the weak spot lies in the junction between the trailer and the motor coach, since the coldness can escape through the open front walls, breaking the cold chain. The preservation of the cold chain is guaranteed by attaching a boot. The boot is hidden within a rubber lip, and is only extended pneumatically during the loading process. During the journey, the boot is protected by the housing.

This patented system was presented for the first time at the MAN roadshow in Munich. The refrigerated goods train must now prove itself over a period of one year, during which time it shall be operated by various customers on Europe’s roads.