Press reports

22.12.2017The Best!

Natalia started her apprenticeship as merchant in wholesale and foreign trade. Few weeks ago she finishes it successfully. [more][more]

31.01.2017We make America great again

Our protective gloves have an worldwide good reputation. It's so good that customer in the USA can perceive ist. [more][more]

25.10.2016Care balm for leather gloves

Now you can order an especially car balm for your leather gloves. We have developed a care balmn to increase a longer endurance of the gloves.  [more][more]

08.12.2016The new ELK DEFENDER 2.0 is out now!

The new high-tech product from Penkert with the high level of comfort for firemen. [more][more]

01.10.2015Do you speak spanish, russian or english?

Please visit our new website and choose your your preferred language. [more][more]

11.11.2014In silent mourning we take leave

In silent mourning we take leave of the founder of our firm, August Penkert. [more][more]

19.04.2013Refrigerated truck for Schwarzmüller

A boot prototype that seals up the crossing between the trailer and the trunk of the motor coach was developed. [more][more]