FIREDEVIL PREMIUM 2.0 (long)performance levels in accordance with EN 659:2008-06

Artikel-No.: FD P 2.0 long_9
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
price per unit:  
net: € 76,49
VAT (19%): € 14,53
gross: € 91,02


The new high-tech product from Penkert: ideally suited for heavy-duty fire service work.The FIREDEVIL PREMIUM 2.0, which in terms of safety and reliability takes some beating, combines the tactile feel of a leather glove, which for technical assistance is of key importance, with the outstanding properties of textile fire gloves for firemen - namely, minimal shrinkage without a hardening of the materials that are used.

Gathered padding in the thumb, finger and knuckle areas provides an air cushion which insulates well against radiant heat. 

A generous opening width of the gauntlet allows the user to put the gloves on over a work jacket without any problems.

KEVLAR® Nomex Porelle®

  • hand part:‘Perlfang’ special knitwear made from 100% Kevlar® with an elastic, flame-resistant silicone-carbon coating
  •  gauntlet:twill weave 2/2, 100 % KEVLAR® with a double-coated,
  •  flame-resistant silicone coating, a karabiner hook and an eyelet
  •  Porelle® membrane as a moisture barrier (waterproof and breathable)
  •  heat resistant felt 50% KEVLAR® - 50% Nomex® as additional strengthening in the hand part
  •  insulation made from one-layered Paralinex® fleece, melange, with a fabric made from 50% Nomex® / 50% FR viscose
  •  gathered padding in the thumb, finger and knuckle areas made from 100% KEVLAR® (elastic, flame-retardant silicone carbon coating)
  •   3M reflective stripes (yellow/silver/yellow) on the back of the gauntlets
  •   deflectable Velcro closure in the wrist area as well as on the
  •   opening of the gauntlet